Therapy in the Water with Dolphins

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Therapy Session in the Water Key West, Florida

I have had the good fortune to treat patients in the water…in swimming pools, hot tubs, aquariums, open ocean, and ocean areas that were netted off.   Treatment in the water, especially the ocean, is fantastic.  The water basically removes the affects of gravity.  This allows the body tissues to respond and release in an extraordinary way.  The entire body can move freely in 3-dimensions which enables the body to easily achieve various positions .  When the body remembers and repositions in specific orientations, it encourages tissue memories and energy blockages to emerge.

Generally, treatments in the water are followed up with treatments on a therapy table, or private or group discussions to support the patient in resolving and discussing the water experience.  This may be later in the same day, or the following day.

Therapy in the Water with Dolphins  Grassy, Key, FL

Therapy in the Water with Dolphins Grassy, Key, FL

There are many different kinds of programs around the world where one can swim-with or experience time in the water with Dolphins.

I offer something unique and special… therapeutic treatment in the water in the presence of Dolphins along with Dolphin interactions.  See Dolphin Programs for details and registration.

In addition to the current programs that I offer in Roatan, Honduras, I have participated in, and/or organized and facilitated many different programs over the past years.  These include:

  • Close-contact Dolphin swims in Roatan with snorkel equipment and scuba gear.  A personal adventure.
  • Three different intensive therapy treatment programs in the water with Dolphins at the Dolphin Research Institute, Grassy Key, FL while working as a Visiting Therapist at the Upledger Institute.  Each program was 3 days in length.

    Therapy in the Water with Dolphins  Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Therapy in the Water with Dolphins Tenerife, Canary Islands

  • Four intensive therapy treatment programs in the water with Dolphins on Grand Bahama Island while working at the Upledger Institute.  Each program was 4 days in length.
  • A seven-day intensive treatment program with multiple patients in the water with Dolphins in Tenerife, Canary Islands as an invited therapist.
  • Two open-ocean snorkel swims and encounters with Dolphins in Australia…a personal adventure.
  • Dolphin open-ocean swims and encounters in Key West, FL.  These were combined with therapy treatment in the shallow ocean shorelines.  Also treatments were included at an off-site retreat environment in Key West.  These were each 3 days in length.
Therapy in the Water with Dolphins   Grand Bahama Island

Therapy in the Water with Dolphins on Grand Bahama Island

  • Several other open-ocean swims and encounters with Dolphins and Whales in Tenerife, Canary Islands and Key West, FL…personal adventures.

So…what is it like to receive therapy treatment in the water with Dolphins?

There is a difference when the Dolphins are in an enclosed area versus swimming with them in open-ocean.  And all the experiences are equally wonderful.

I have worked with Dolphins in enclosed areas in Grassy Key, FL, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Grand Bahama Island and at Anthony’s Key Resort on Roatan, Honduras.  In these situations, the patient lies in a floating position in the water, with one or more therapists supporting them with light, hands-on contact and engaging the body tissues with treatment techniques.   There was, and still is, usually from one to nine Dolphins present in the water.  Every situation was, and is, different and unique.

The Dolphins generally come in and participate in the therapy treatment, sometimes invited by a trainer, but more often under their own initiative.  They send their sonar energy, at many different frequencies, into the body’s tissues, thus enabling the tissues to change.  Sometimes they contact the body, and sometimes they send the energy from a short distance.  It is very powerful, yet so gentle, but you can feel it…it can be point specific, broadly focused into a general region, or seemingly, moving along some trajectory in the body.   At times, you can also feel them “scanning” as if they are evaluating you.

With the therapist’s hands on the persons body who is being treated in the water, one can often track the movement of energy and feel the tissues change.  If your head is in the water, the Dolphin sonar is quite audible.  Sometimes, you can feel the energy go directly into the patients body, other times it will pass through me or another therapist, and then into the person being treated.

I have treated the young and the old and in-between.  Many people come with simply a desire to improve health and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.  However, I have treated other people with various conditions, including cancer recovery patients, Multiple Sclerosis, Downs Syndrome, depression, Autism, brain aneurysm with subsequent language and movement impairment and short term memory loss, and many other conditions.




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