Your Therapist Team

Your Dolphin experience and treatments will be managed and facilitated by a professional team of Manual Therapists.  The Therapy in the Water with Dolphins, as well as other treatments in the water or on massage tables, will have a core team that includes one or more enthusiastic Dolphins, a highly skilled Primary Therapist and an experienced Assistant Therapist.  You will also, very likely, have one or two additional Manual Therapists who are Interns.

Meet the Key Staff of Primary Therapists

Dr. Rebecca Welling

I have been treating people in the water with Dolphins since 1995 in the Florida Keys, Canary Islands, Grand Bahama Island and Roatan, Honduras.
See About Rebecca for details on my background, education and experience.

Susan Steiner

I started treating people in the water with Dolphins in 1995, as a Primary Therapist, for the Upledger Institute on Grand Bahama Island.  In addition, I treated people with Dolphins in Grassy Key Florida, and participated in open ocean swims with shoreline treatments in Key West, FL, also with the Upledger Institute.  More recently, I have been treating in the water with Dolphins in Roatan, Honduras.  I am always amazed and impressed with their absolutely, open willingness to participate…and their uncanny ability to know “where to go” to facilitate a treatment experience.

I have extensive experience treating a vast range of health issues, both in my private practice and in the water with Dolphins including pediatrics, cancer recovery, Renaults, Multiple Sclerosis, Downs Syndrome, depression, Autism, language and movement impairments, memory loss, and many other conditions.

I am currently an instructor for the Upledger Institute and have been an instructor for them for over 18 years, teaching CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release II and Advanced I.   In my private practice, of over 25 years in Providence, RI, I specialize in CranioSacral Therapy with SomatoEmotional Release for adults and children.  But I also integrate my background in Visceral Manipulation and other modalities into my private work.

Because of my love for children and infants, I have done extensive, professional work with Rhode Island schools in pediatric programs.  And to contribute to the local expansion and growth of CranioSacral Therapy work, I founded the Rhode Island CranioSacral Study Group, and continue to support that program.  I also participate as a member of the Rhode Island Chapter of the AOTA, as well as the AOTA National Chapter.

As well as being an instructor for the Upledger Institute, I am certified as a CranioSacral Therapy Diplomat and hold a Bachelor or Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.  I am also a 1979 graduate of Occupational Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Primary Therapist


I am one of many Dolphins that are eager to meet and work with you…Please join me and my family at Anthony’ Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras.