Using Gems & Stones in Chinese Medicine

The Ancient Classical Texts of Chinese Medicine emphasize the important use of gems and stones for healing treatments.   These references are found in both the Herbal Medicine texts and the Acupuncture texts.  These texts described the properties of stones and their medicinal uses.  Specifically, the use of stones to make elixirs and tinctures for internal consumption, candies to suckle on, and various types of pastes, powders and solutions for topical application.  Also uses as eye washes, ear washes, mouth washes, vaginal washes and more.   These early records describe the use of stone needles, which later evolved into metal needles, and the application of stones on acupuncture points and meridian trajactories.

Stones were viewed as living, evolving entities that can take thousands or more years to grow.  The use of stones provide the most profound and permanent effects of Chinese treatment modalities and their noted use was specific to treat the most difficult of diseases.  The classics contend that the density and solidity of stones represents this permanence in healing and their stabilizing effect.  Stones can serve as valuable chelating agents to draw out toxins from the physical body, as well as critical support for emotional and spiritual evolution.   Wearing specific stones as jewelry over a length of time can promote the healing of a long term health conditon, or promote evolutionary changes and development.  

In treatment, stones are generally used in combination for a synergistic effect, similar to the use of herbs in formulating an herbal formula.   The way stones are prepared for use is critical.  This includes cleansing, clearing and recharging.

Dispite the existence of these ancient writings, the use of gems and stones has been noteably left out of comtemporary teachings and practice of Chinese Medicine.  This was due to the Chinese Cultural Revolution which started in the 1960’s.

I integrate the use and application of gems and stones for treatment in my practice.  I teach my patients how to work with stones that are special to them and their needs.   This includes the placement of stones in your home or office.   Patients can purchase many of these stones from me  for their use at home by visiting my Stone Gallery.   I have truly witnessed some very profound effects.  Some of my patients have reported significant improvements and balancing of heart rhythm, decreased pain and stiffness in arthritic joints and emotional shifts in consciousness.

I continue to study this Classical Chinese Medicine from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.  Dr. Yuen is the 88th Generation Daoist Master of Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity School), Yellow Emperor/Lao tzu Sect, ordained by 87th Generation Daoist Master Yu Wen, Jeffrey’s adoptive grandfather.  Immersed in the practice and study of Daoism and the classics of Chinese Medicine since early childhood, Dr. Yuen offers unparalleled knowledge of the rich, oral traditions that fully integrate physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of the medicine.