Program Descriptions

Dolphin Secrets

If you are someone who loves Dolphins and would like to experience the wonders of these awesome mammals…join us in Roatan, Honduras…for an incredible experience that can change you…one that will always be with you.

We offer something for almost everyone…

people from all backgrounds who simply want to improve their health and well-being, relax, and have a fun-filled therapeutic-vacation.  See Dolphin Therapy Retreats.

experienced Health Care Practitioners, skilled in Manual Therapy, who would like an incredible  opportunity for “lots” of water-time with Dolphins…to “treat” and “be treated” in a work-shop setting.  See Dolphin Therapy Workshop Retreats.

students or Health Care Practitioners of Manual Therapy who would like a more focused opportunity, as an intern, to work closely with Rebecca Welling, or Susan Steiner, or other practitioners who are highly skilled and experienced in treating in the water with Dolphins.  See Dolphin Therapy Internships.


  • Extraordinary Dolphin Activities:  see specific programs for activity variations

–    Therapy Treatments in the Water with Dolphins.
–    Therapy Treatment on Tables and/or Additional Treatments in the Water in Dolphin Areas.
–    Special Time with Dolphins and Trainers
–    Dolphin Encounters including Snorkel/Swim
–    Dolphin Education with Dolphin Performances

Bungalow Sunset Views

  • Bungalows with fabulous views:  can choose hillside or private key settings over the water, with or with/out air conditioning

    Dine in Paradise

  • Three Fabulous Meals Daily

Ride Horses on the Beach

  • Horseback Riding on the Beach
  • Resort Snorkel and Boat Package
  • Unlimited use of Kayaks
  • Airport Transportation to and from Anthony’s Key Resort and Roatan Airport
  • Full Diving Facilities and Dive Boats Available:  …not included in package

    Kayak at Your Leisure


Alcoholic Beverages are priced separately.  Soft drinks, juices, etc. are included at mealtime.

Pricing and program details for all programs are subject to change.

At this time we do not have the facilities, and are not set up to treat individuals

with significant mental or physical limitations.