Chronic Health Problems

Rebecca has treated me for various chronic health problems over the past few years.  Whether you need short term or long term care, I don’t know any other DOM who is better suited and gets more results than she does.  My asthma and breathing are much better, and I don’t have to increase my prescriptive drugs.  My medical doctors are so impressed with my results that they are also referring their patients to Rebecca.  Believe me, this is the DOM you want to have treat you!


El Dorado, NM

Special Practioner and Gifted Healer

Rebecca is a special practioner.  She is incredibly skilled and intuitive, and has a way of sensing and knowing what direction to take the body.  I never know how to describe what she does, I just know it works.

Hannah, DOM

Santa Fe, NM

Rebecca is a gifted healer who works with interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit to promote the body’s healing process!


Abiquiu, NM

Bone Fractures

Last year I broke the small toe on my right foot.  I immediately went to see Dr. Welling.  By applying herbs and using some of her techniques to treat bone bruises, I was able to heal faster than I would have ever believed possible.  I have had previous bone breaks, but I never healed this quickly.


El Dorado, NM

Environmental Sensitivities

I have multiple chemical sensitivities and have been seeing Rebecca weekly for about 2 years.  For years before that, I was treated by various physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other acupuncturists.  I always felt worse afterwards.  Rebecca is the only one that has been able to treat me at a pace and quality that matches my body’s needs.  She is compassionate, empathetic, very respectful and so “in-tune” with her patients.  Her instincts are impeccable.  After being chronically ill most of my life, I am believing that my health can and is improving.  My chemical sensitivities are decreasing.  Oh…before Rebecca, I reacted badly to acupuncture…Now…I love acupuncture treatments.


El Dorado, NM

Therapy Treatment with Dolphins

Rebecca’s wide spectrum of treatment talents and understanding extend from the practical and physical to the sublime and spritual dimensions of process.  We keep coming back to both Rebecca and the dolphins because the work has profound physical and emotional benefits.

Debra, M.D. and Bruce, LMT
Ruidoso, NM